, I'm Jayden.

I'm a JavaScript Developer

Front-end focus with back-end know-how. A proud self-starter, thriving in collaborative environments because teamwork is key.


Who is Jayden? // A product-driven Software Engineer from Toronto, who's all about that collaborative vibe with an open mindset, valuing teamwork as the key to success. 💡

I'm passionate about bringing both the technical and visual aspects of digital products to life. User experience, beautiful pixels and writing clean accessible, human code matters to me. I sweat the details. And as a follower of John Maeda's Laws Of Simplicity, I agree that less is more.

I'm happiest when I'm creating, learning, exploring and thinking about how to make things better. When I'm not at the computer, I'm usually hitting the gym, focusing on self-growth, or learning a new song on
my guitar.

Front-end Toolbox

ReactTypeScriptJavaScriptRedux/Redux Toolkit. . .

UI Design

TailwindSCSSMaterial-UIstyled-componentsFigma. . .

Back-end Toolbox

Node.jsExpress.jsMongoDBRESTful APIs. . .


An image of the Room Wise (Full-stack) project.

Room Wise (Full-stack)

React - TypeScript - Node.js - Docker - Playwright

Simplify hotel booking experience with Room Wise. With handy features like smart room management and easy filtering, finding your perfect stay is a breeze 🚀 Learn more >

An image of the JobMatic (Full-stack) project.

JobMatic (Full-stack)

React - Express.js - TypeScript - MongoDB - Cloudinary

Meet JobMatic - your new job tracking application buddy! Keep things simple: manage, update, and track all your applications effortlessly. Ready to simplify your job hunting? 💼 Learn more >

An image of the Decoria (E-Commerce) project.

Decoria (E-Commerce)

React - TypeScript - Stripe - Auth0

Looking to elevate your living spaces with a touch of modern elegance? Discover Decoria, where your furniture dreams come true with our stunning collection! ✨ Learn more >

An image of the CryptoCrush (Dashboard) project.

CryptoCrush (Dashboard)

React - Tailwind - Framer-motion - Firebase

Ever wondered how exciting the world of digital currency can be? Well, wonder no more! Say hello to an application that lets you explore real-time information on various crypto coins 💸 Learn more >

An image of the Where? (API Interactions) project.

Where? (API Interactions)

React - TypeScript - styled-components

For when you (or your 7 year-old child) wanna find out the population of different countries, or just wanna know more about regions on planet Earth? Step right up, world explorers! 🌏 Learn more >

An image of the Visual (Hobby project) project.

Visual (Hobby project)

React - JavaScript - CSS animations

Ever tried flexing your memory muscles? That is exactly what Visual Memory is all about! Imagine picking two totally random images and testing if you can recall them later. ⚡️ Learn more >

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